Phoenix Community Housing is different. We're a community gateway housing association - the first in London and one of four in the UK. That means residents can become shareholding members and play a central role in decision making. Our Chair and Vice Chair are both Phoenix tenants.

We own and manage more than 6,000 properties in south-east London. We're proud to be building a better future for our area and for all who live there.

Join our Gold Club

Information about the Phoenix Gold Club.

Join our Gold Club and start taking advantage of a range of Phoenix rewards!

Community Chest

Money matters

Each year we offer up to £100,000 for community projects. Find out more and how to apply.

Roots into Work

Information about Roots into Work.

Our Roots into Work programme helps you grow your confidence and skills to find long-term work.

The Fellowship Inn

The Fellowship Inn

Find out about our restoration plans for the Fellowship Inn, including cinema, live venue and more.