What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with a service that Phoenix provides.

We can only accept complaints that are made within six months of when the issue occurred.

We do not treat the following as complaints:

  • an initial report of antisocial behaviour, or update about antisocial behaviour. Please contact us to report antisocial behaviour
  • a dispute about the level of rent or service charges. If we cannot resolve this internally, it needs to be resolved through a rent assessment committee or first tier tribunal (previously the leasehold valuation tribunal)
  • dissatisfaction with one of our policies, unless you are dissatisfied with how we have carried it out.

View our full Complaints Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a complaint?

You register a complaint by telephone, in writing or in person. You can also email us your complaint to

We will firstly try to put the matter right informally within seven days. If we are unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, it becomes a Stage 1 complaint.

We will acknowledge your complaint, respond and aim to fully resolve your complaint within 20 working days.

When you make a formal complaint, we promise to:

  • offer a solution to resolve the complaint where possible.
  • keep you informed of progress if a response to your complaint cannot be made within the set timescale
  • give you an unreserved apology if Phoenix is at fault.

The Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman Service introduced a new Complaint Handling Code on July 20. The  purpose of the code is to enable landlords to resolve complaints raised by their residents quickly and to use the learning from complaints to drive service improvements.    

Self - Assessment  

Phoenix has carried out a further self-assessment against the requirements in the code. You can view the outcome of the current self-assessment and the previous self-assessment.

We continue to meet the code but can improve on how we are meeting it. We will use our service improvement plan to help us get better. We will also carry out regular self-assessments with residents against the code and take appropriate action to ensure that our complaint handling is in line with the code.


For information about our complaints performance and satisfaction click here.

Taking your complaint further

If the complaint is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you can ask a 'designated person' (an MP or Councillor) or a tenants panel to consider it. Please contact us to find out who is your 'designated person'.

They can work with you and Phoenix to resolve your complaint or refer it to the Housing Ombudsman.

Alternatively, eight weeks after sending your complaint to us, you can contact the Housing Ombudsman directly by calling 0300 111 3000  or writing to: 

Housing Ombudsman Service

PO Box 152
Liverpool L33 7WQ

Find out more on the Housing Ombudsman Service website.