Our performance

Learn more about how we manage our performance, our commitment to offering value for money and our latest resident satisfaction figures.

How we manage performance

At Phoenix we are constantly striving to improve our services.

To help us do this we measure costs and performance, look at resident feedback and satisfaction and use the results to set our future plans. Residents and stakeholders check the plans and progress before they are approved by the Board. 

Every year a sub group of the Board sets targets and tolerance levels for key performance indicators (KPIs). These are then checked and approved by the Board and monitored every three months. If there are any concerns or cases where tolerance levels are not met, further information and/or action is requested by the Board.

To help all residents and stakeholders check how we are doing, the Residents Performance Monitoring Group and Residents Communication Group agreed that this set of KPIs should be published on our website.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Our annual performance is also published every year in our annual report and statutory accounts. This highlights how we are doing against our standards, targets and promises.

We produce quarterly performance reports for residents. The information included has been selected through consultation with the  Phoenix Gateway Committee. Our latest report details our performance from  April – June 2020-2021.

We also provide annual performance information for each of our Community Links. 

How we compare

To help us plan improvements we compare our performance to others. We work with Housemark, a trade body that collects performance information from a large number of landlords and compares them.

We usually compare ourselves with similar sized organisations who also work in London, but sometimes we broaden our comparisons to get more information. 

See the dashboard

How we compare is often the first step in understanding our performance and deciding how we want to improve. This means we use this information alongside our local knowledge and overall objectives to set plans for the future. These plans are set out in our Value for Money Strategy

Value for money

One of our corporate objectives is:

“Deliver our Value for Money and efficiency plans, so we confidently maintain our financial viability in the long term.”

Value for Money (VFM) at Phoenix means the delivery of our strategic objectives in the most cost effective way possible. 

Our Value for Money Strategy aims to deliver more social value by reinvesting surpluses and improving services.  

Social value for Phoenix is the improvement in people’s lives through managing and letting homes for people who need them and providing a range of landlord and community services aimed at maximising residents’ enjoyment of both their home and local area, so we meet our overall vision “to build a better future for our Phoenix Community”.

The key objectives of the strategy are:

  • a robust approach to making decisions on the use of resources to deliver our objectives.
  • to understand the return on our assets, and have a strategy for optimising the future returns on assets – including rigorous appraisal of all potential options for improving value for money. 
  • performance management and scrutiny functions which are effective at driving and delivering improved value for money performance.
  • to understand the costs and outcomes of delivering specific services and which underlying factors influence these costs and how they do so.

The strategy was shaped by residents at the Gateway committee before being presented to our Board for approval.



Our Board has decided that satisfaction is an importance measure of our overall performance.

We carry out a full satisfaction survey of all residents at least once every three years.

We use the survey results to:

  • set and deliver our corporate priorities
  • improve services and complete service reviews
  • embed customer access and improve customer services
  • set actions for the Community Empowerment Strategy (especially involving younger people)
  • respond to welfare reforms.

Our last satisfaction survey was completed in 2015 and a summary of the results was shared with all tenants and leaseholders.

The resident satisfaction survey reports are available online and copies of the full survey results are available on request.

The full survey is complimented by additional surveys about specific services, focus groups and other feedback.

Other checks on performance

We have several other checks on our performance.

Resident involvement

Resident feedback is an essential ingredient for improving performance and there are many ways this takes place, for example when residents get involved to help improve our services or by joining a group. 

The regulator 

As well as the board, management and resident scrutiny of our services and performance we are also regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). 

Throughout the year we need to submit information to the HCA in order to show that we are meeting our standards. This includes information on:

  • finances
  • performance
  • stock and assets
  • any frauds we have detected.

Once a year we receive an assessment called a Regulatory Judgment. This sets out how we are doing meeting the Governance and Financial Viability Standard in our Regulatory Framework. 

Our latest judgement was in December 2016 and found that Phoenix:

  • meets the requirements on governance
  • meets the requirements on viability.

Internal audit and assurance 

Every year our internal auditors Mazars carry out a programme of internal checks to make sure we are managing our services as set out in our policies and procedures. 

They also make recommendations for improvement and feed this information back directly to our Audit Committee. 

Annual report on internal controls 

The Executive Team also produces an annual report to the Board on internal controls.

This sets out how they have made sure we are doing what we say we will and are working in line with our policies and procedures.