About us

About Phoenix Community Housing

Phoenix Community Housing is a not-for-profit resident-led housing association based in south London.

We own and manage more than 6,000 homes in the Lewisham wards of Bellingham, Whitefoot and Downham, and are now starting to build our first new homes.

We are proud to be a member of PlaceShapers, a national alliance of more than 100 community-focused housing associations.

Our model

We are the first resident-led housing association in London. Our model empowers tenants and leaseholders to take a central part in decision-making and become shareholding members.

Tenants and leaseholders elected by residents are the largest group on the management board. We encourage all residents to get involved with Phoenix to influence services and future priorities.

We support local community initiatives to improve the environment and quality of life for everyone who lives and works in south Lewisham. 

Our vision

Our vision is "Together, we are building a better future for our Phoenix community"

The Green Man

In 2013 Phoenix moved to a new building called The Green Man.

The Green Man is located on a former pub site at the heart of the homes we own and manage and is much more than our headquarters. It offers a range of community facilities to breathe new life into the area we serve.

Find out more about The Green Man.

Phoenix Repairs Service

Phoenix Repairs Service

The Phoenix Repairs Service was launched in April 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Phoenix Community Housing. The service is responsible for all repairs and gas servicing for our tenants. 

Previously our repairs service had been outsourced. Following feedback from residents, our Board agreed in 2013 to create the 'in-house' service with the aim of offering greater flexibility and better value for money. 

The Phoenix Repairs Service Board reports in turn to the Phoenix Board. 

The service works to the following priorities:

  • right first time / done in one
  • flexible slots
  • call centre diagnosis
  • materials and workmanship
  • empathy and caring.

Home Makers

Home Makers is a new private lettings service from Phoenix.

Developed together with our leaseholders and initially launched as a pilot in late 2016, Home Makers offers a personal, professional and competitively priced service for private landlords in London, making full use of our experience in housing management and tenancy matters. Services include:

  • tenant finding
  • neighbourhood management
  • property management
  • rent collection
  • repairs and gas servicing. 

As a result of increasing the number of homes that we manage, Home Makers enables Phoenix to have better influence and control of our homes and neighbourhoods. Any surplus from Home Makers will be gifted to Phoenix and reinvested into our community.

Awards and accolades


  • Inside Housing Development Awards - Best Shared Ownership (Urban), Finalist (Springbank Court)
  • Housing Digital Top 30 Housing Providers - 24th place 


  • Selwyn Goldsmith Award - Universal Design. Winner (Hazelhurst Court)
  • RICS Social Impact Awards London. Heritage. Finalists (The Fellowship Inn)
  • UK Housing Awards. Innovator of the Year - Tenant Services. Finalists (Phoenix Academy)
  • Tpas Awards. The Richard Crossley Excellence in Community Action Award. Finalists (Fellowship Inn project)
  • Tpas Awards. Excellence in Employment, Skills and Training. Finalists (Digital Skills for Work)
  • Tpas Awards. Cliff Whiteley Tenant of the Year Award. Finalists (Anne McGurk)
  • Build London Planning Awards. Heritage and Culture Awards. Winner (Fellowship Inn project)


  • Tpas Awards. Lifetime achievement award. Winners (Pat Fordham MBE)
  • 24housing Top 50 landlords. 8th place.
  • 24housing Awards. Community Achievement. Finalists (Fellowship Inn project)
  • 24housing Awards. Best Training Scheme. Winners (Phoenix Academy)
  • Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB) Awards. Outstanding Contribution. Winners (Marie Porter - Phoenix Academy)
  • Civic Trust Conservation Awards. Regional finalist (Fellowship Inn)
  • Civic Trust Awards. Finalists (Hazelhurst Court)


  • Inside Housing Development Awards. Best Older People's Housing Development - under 70 homes. (Hazelhurst Court extra care scheme). Winners.
  • RIBA London Awards. Winners (Hazelhurst Court extra care scheme).
  • Housing Design Awards. 'HAPPI' Winner  (Hazelhurst Court extra care scheme)
  • 24housing Top 50 landlords. 3rd place.
  • 24housing Awards. Affordable Housing Scheme of the Year (Hazelhurst Court). Finalists
  • Housing Heroes. Support and Care Team of the Year (over 5,000 homes). Finalists (approach to hoarding)  
  • Tpas Awards (Southern Region). Community Focused Service / Project of the Year. Finalists (approach to hoarding)


  • 24housing Top 50 landlords. 7th place.
  • Investors in People Gold accreditation
  • Sunday Times Best 100 Not for Profit Organisations to Work For
  • Tpas Awards. Excellence in Annual Reports. National winners.
  • Tpas Awards. Excellence in Tenant Engagement. National winners.
  • UK Housing Awards. Outstanding Approach to Tenant Involvement. Winners.
  • Housing Heroes Awards. Apprentice of the Year. Finalists (Asharne Litchmore)
  • ERSA Employability Awards. SME of the Year. Finalists.


  • 24housing Top 50 landlords. 6th place.
  • Sunday Times Top 100 Not for Profit Organisations to Work For
  • UK Housing Awards. Outstanding Approach to Resident Involvement. Finalists
  • 24housing Awards. Best Apprenticeship Scheme. Finalists
  • 24housing Awards. Repairs and Maintenance Provider of the Year. Finalists
  • Housing Heroes. Lifetime Achievement Awards. Finalists (David Cummins)


  • Sunday Times Top 100 Not for Profit Organisations to Work For.
  • 24housing Awards. Communications Team of the Year. Winners
  • 24housing Awards. Community Achievement. Winners (Phoenix Community Chest)
  • 24housing Awards. Chief Executive of the Year. Finalists (Jim Ripley)
  • Community Impact Awards. Finalists (Phoenix Community Chest)
  • Housing Heroes Awards. Chief Executive of the Year. Finalists (Jim Ripley)
  • CSI Awards. Most inspiring newcomers. Finalists.
  • TPAS Awards. Excellence in Annual Reports. Finalists.
  • The RIBAJ MacEwen Awards. Longlist (The Green Man)
  • RICS Awards. Finalists (The Green Man)


  • 24housing Top 50 landlords. 3rd place.
  • 24housing Awards. Community Achievement. Winners (The Green Man)
  • 24housing Awards. Best Training Scheme. Finalists (the Phoenix Academy)
  • TPAS Awards. Excellence in Annual Reports. Finalists.
  • Building Awards. Finalists (The Green Man)


  • TPAS Awards. Excellence in Annual Reports. Finalists.


  • Housing Heroes. Tenant Lifetime Achievement. Winners (Pat Fordham MBE)
  • TPAS Awards. Excellence in Annual Reports. Finalists.


  • TPAS Awards. Tenant of the Year. Winners (Pat Fordham MBE)
  • TPAS Awards. Excellence in Annual Reports. Finalists.


  • Housing Heroes. Inspirational Board Member of the Year. Winners (Pat Fordham MBE)