woman smiling holding fish and chips

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Updated: 19 September 2019 at 08:44am

We’re saying goodbye to Chat and Chips for another year. Hundreds of residents have come out to see us and talk about the issues that matter them this year, all while enjoying free fish and chips!

This year we had eight events around the Phoenix area where residents could talk about anything from developments, training and employment to repairs at their homes and in their community.

Our Financial Inclusion Team were also on hand to offer expert advice on benefit entitlements and Universal Credit. They also let residents know about the Thames Watersure Saving Scheme which helps residents on benefits or a low income save 50% on their water rates.

Resident Rae Bishop said: "I've really enjoyed it. It’s been really insightful, and I’ve managed to get some really useful information about budgeting and benefits."

This is the fourth year Phoenix has hosted Chat and Chips events. Community Links Project Manager for Phoenix, Gian Brown, said: “It has been brilliant to have so many people come and see us again this year.

“Chat and Chips is the perfect opportunity to get to know our residents face to face, in their own community in a relaxed atmosphere. – chatting while having tea! It also allows us to tackle issues that matter to them on the ground and make life better for the whole community.”

If you didn’t make it to Chat and Chips this time, don’t worry - we have plenty more events this year for you to have your say. We’ll be hosting Diversity Day on 26 October to celebrate diversity within Lewisham and the 70th anniversary of the Commonwealth in its current form.