Jim Ripley, Anne McGurk and Carmen Simpson

Black Lives Matter - A message

Updated: 12 June 2020 at 07:46am

Like all of you, we were horrified by the killing of George Floyd and recent events in the United States.

It is so very clear that racism and inequality persists in the US, here in the UK and across the world. The appalling circumstance of George Floyd’s death has brought this uncomfortable and intolerable truth to the forefront of our thoughts and minds.

It has been good to see the Black Lives Matter movement grow in visibility and volume in London over the last fortnight. We stand in solidarity with our friends, neighbours and colleagues, and we hope this movement will act as a catalyst for positive and long-lasting change.


At Phoenix we are proud of the rich diversity of our community, and the contributions of our black residents and staff. Our diversity is our strength and something we will always fight to celebrate and protect.

Our commitment to equality and diversity is set out in our Equality & Diversity Charter. We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind.

In recent weeks we have spoken with our colleagues and involved residents about what more we can do as an organisation, employer and landlord to ensure that Phoenix is inclusive for all our residents, staff and our broader community.

It is perhaps harder for us to come together to have these conversations in the current environment, but it is essential that these conversations take place at Phoenix and in homes and workplaces and within communities across the country.  

It is our job to educate and inform ourselves and each other about equality, diversity and inclusion in every form, and we encourage you all to take some time to do this. We've included links to resources and organisations that we hope will be useful at the bottom of this message. 

Our community in Downham and Bellingham is strong.

If you have a view, or thoughts and ideas on how Phoenix can be more inclusive, please get in touch.

As a resident-owned and led housing association, our residents play a central role in decision-making and we encourage all of our residents to get involved with Phoenix to influence our services and future priorities.

Your views and contributions are always encouraged and valued, and particularly so at this time.

Anne McGurk, Phoenix tenant and Chair

Carmen Simpson, Phoenix tenant and Vice-Chair

Jim Ripley, Chief Executive


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