Photo of Zainab Agboola outside The Green Man, the home of Phoenix Community Housing

The youngest ever graduate of our school of social housing

Updated: 22 August 2019 at 09:32am

A 13-year-old who has lived in Grove Park her entire life earned a qualification from the Phoenix Academy earlier this summer.

The Phoenix Academy, set up in 2014, teaches the history and values of social housing, as well as giving residents and staff of Phoenix Community Housing and other housing providers a better understanding of how social housing.

Writing for Inside Housing, Zainab Agboola wrote about her experience attending the Academy and why she believes housing is an important topic for young people to understand. She argued: “Because when the day is over and night comes, everyone needs somewhere to go – and I want to help them.”

Zainab argued the importance of housing providers listening to residents and especially young people in their communities.

The Academy, which is a finalist in the Best Training Scheme category at the 24housing Awards 2019, was set up to empower residents to better understand their rights and develop a pipeiline that would see them get further involved with Phoenix, one of the only resident-led housing associations in the country, as potentially future Board members.

The Academy is now recruiting for its Level 2 and Level 3 Chartered Institute of Housing courses, which begin in October. Anyone interested in taking part can contact us to find out more.