Photo of involved residents, including Carmen Simpson our Vice Chair

Working together for our community

Updated: 29 April 2019 at 13:21pm

Residents have been central to everything Phoenix does, from right when we were set up.

Residents are involved at every level in Phoenix, from volunteering at our Job Club to being Chair and Vice Chair of our Board, and we encourage all residents to get involved.

We’re proud to be one of only four resident-led housing associations in the UK - and the only one in London.

This model means we’re committed to listening to the people who know most about their homes: each and every resident.

Residents make up our Scrutiny Panel, which reviews our services and makes recommendations for improvements. The Panel has made 68 recommendations so far, including on caretaking to the repairs service, and for 2019 their focus will be on fencing policies. Residents are also involved in working groups on everything from giving us advice on what should be in the Phoenix Flyer to our policies on Phoenix services.

Anne McGurk, tenant and Chair of our Board, said: “Our homes, our communities, should be affordable and pleasantly safe places where we can all thrive - together we can turn that ‘should be’ into ‘are’ affordable and pleasantly safe places in which to thrive.”

Did you know...

Tenant founding chair, Pat Fordham MBE won a Lifetime Achievement award. Pat was the driving force behind Phoenix and our resident-led model. Pat said: “It’s about having a say in your home. Before, it was ‘us and them’. Now, it’s ‘Phoenix’.”