Photo of our Grounds Maintenance service at work

We're clamping down on flytipping

Updated: 8 July 2019 at 09:00am

Between the end of February and the beginning of July we issued 30 fines to people flytipping and dumping rubbish in our estates and blocks.

We take flytipping seriously. Every year, we remove hundreds of tonnes of flytipping from our estates. In 2018-19, the 585 tonnes of flytipping we removed cost us £85,000 to remove – money that could be better spent elsewhere on our services.

Flytipping is more than a costly nuisance: it is a threat to health and safety. It can attract vermin to our homes, while rubbish dumped in blocks can be a fire hazard and prevent escape in the most serious circumstances.

In February this year, our team were trained in and given authority to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to flytippers by Lewisham Council.

Our caretakers and grounds teams are able to spot flytipping while working to keep our community clean and tidy and are often able to investigate – and identify – people dumping rubbish.

Once we have identified those responsible, we issue FPNs. These fines start at £90 – whether a Phoenix resident or not – if paid within 10 days, rising to £150 within 14 days and up to £2,500 if convicted.

Jim Ripley, Chief Executive of Phoenix Community Housing, said: “Flytipping is a criminal act and we’re committed to stamping it out. When people flytip in our estates, they’re not just committing an antisocial, potentially dangerous act against our residents, but hurting the community. We’re committed to keeping our estates clean and green. It's great news that our team is now better able to work with residents to deal with this issue: if you see flytipping, report it to us or the council.”

We also have CCTV cameras on our estates to identify flytippers and work to communicate the negative impact of flytipping where possible.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided. Visit Lewisham Council's website to find out how to dispose of bulky items.

If you have spotted flytipping on our estates, please contact us.