Photo of members of the Grounds Maintenance team at work

Taking care of our neighbourhoods

Updated: 7 November 2018 at 16:11pm

It’s been eleven years since residents took charge of improving our homes by setting up Phoenix – and one year since we took charge of our green spaces by bringing our grounds maintenance service in house. 

Previously, we used a separate company to cut grassy areas, trim hedges and maintain flower beds.

A year ago, following feedback from residents and a review to help us achieve more value for money, we created a new Grounds Maintenance team as part of our Environmental Services department. 

Over the year, Phoenix has saved money that can be better spent in other areas of the community and we have more control over the new service. Our new in-house team better understands the needs of our residents and can really get to know the neighbourhoods.

Beyond that, bringing grounds maintenance in-house has meant that we can respond to what residents want to see in their neighbourhoods. For example, residents asked for hanging baskets in some parts of our community, and the team has put these up.

We’ll be bringing more colour and greenery to the area with a new programme of planting over the coming months.

Pat Fordham MBE, our former tenant Chair, said: “Having the grounds team only working for Phoenix means we have better relationships with the people who manage the hundreds of green spaces in our community. It’s really helped a lot.”