Staying Energy Safe

Updated: 20 July 2022 at 14:00pm

Meter tampering is when the meter no longer records actual consumption and is often linked to energy theft. With energy prices rising, we know that it can be tempting to find alternative ways to cut costs and save some money but tampering with an energy meter can be potentially life-threatening due to the increased risk of fire, gas leaks and possible explosions. 

As well as the above safety implications, meter tampering can leave you with a large fine, a criminal record and in some cases up to five years imprisonment. Your energy supplier may also cut off your energy supply and your insurance may be affected if your home has been damaged in the event of a fire.

How can you tell if a meter has been tampered with? Below are a few tips to help you identify if a meter has been tampered with before a potentially dangerous situation arises.

  • Smashed, broken or missing meter casing
  • Exposed wires and cables may stick out of the meter casing or connect with connector clips
  • Burn marks on the meter casing or melted plastic components
  • Electricity or gas is available, even when the meter says it has run out of credit (prepay)
  • A burning or gas smell, smoke, or sparks near the meter box
  • Dials or digits on the meter may not change, even with electricity or gas being used
  • None of the dials is visible due to the meter being turned around 
  • The original tubing may be replaced with rubber tubing to bypass the system.

If you spot any of the above or are worried that a meter has been tampered with, you can contact us anonymously on 0800 0285 700. Your call will be confidential. 

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