Phoenix Academy students graduate July 2018

The school of social housing is going online

Updated: 8 June 2020 at 10:01am

Phoenix Community Housing’s “school of social housing” is opening its digital classroom later this year.

Normally run from The Green Man, Phoenix’s community hub in south London, the courses will run online this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and guidelines on social distancing.

Since being set up in 2014, our school of social housing has seen Phoenix residents and staff learn, study and graduate alongside each other and others from nearby housing associations and local authorities. Now that the academy is going online, participants from across the UK will be invited to learn at the unique and award-winning school of social housing.

Covering the history, values and workings of social housing, resident-led Phoenix’s academy each year sees residents and staff debate things like the rights and responsibilities of residents and landlords, with the classroom a safe and welcoming space for discussion and learning.

Phoenix will initially be offering its Chartered Institute of Housing Levels 2 and 3 courses online, from September and October.

The Phoenix Academy has given out more than 180 qualifications. Participants have gone onto secure jobs in housing, advance their careers, and give informal advice and support on residents' rights to their neighbours.

You can find out more about the Phoenix Academy on our website.