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Resident survey - inform our response to the coronavirus

Updated: 23 June 2020 at 18:01pm

We want to better understand how the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has affected Phoenix residents, so that we can ensure that our services and ongoing response to the crisis meets the needs of our community. 

As a resident-led housing association, there are lots of ways for our residents to get involved and influence our services, and these have continued since we went into lockdown. Our resident-led Board, Phoenix Gateway Committee and many of our resident involvement groups have continued to meet virtually to steer our direction and make decisions.

We will be running a telephone survey of tenants and leaseholders from Thursday 25 June until mid-July. We'll use the feedback that we receive from residents to inform and develop our plans.  The survey will include questions about:

  • how the coronavirus and lockdown has affected our residents
  • whether your job or income has been affected over the last couple of months
  • if you would like support from Phoenix to help maximise your income or to find new employment and training opportunities
  • how satisfied you have been with Phoenix's response to the coronavirus so far
  • the Phoenix services you would like to see prioritised as the lockdown is eased.

How will the survey be completed?

The survey will be conducted on our behalf by Kwest, a specialist company who have lots of experience in completing surveys for housing associations and other similar organisations. They will call between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday. The survey will take around 8 to ten minutes to complete. 

What if I don't receive a call?

We want the survey to be representative of all of our residents and Kwest will contact around 800 tenants and leaseholders who are reflective of our resident population. If you don't receive a call as part of this survey, please remember that we always welcome your feedback. Contact us to give your views on how Phoenix has performed throughout the coronavirus crisis or if you would like to receive further information about our services and the support we can offer.

How will I know if Kwest are who they say they are?

Kwest will ask for you by name and will know the address of your property. They will also let you know that you can contact Phoenix if you have any concerns about them. Kwest will call you from a UK mobile number. If you called this number back they will identify themselves as KWest and explain they have called on behalf of your landlord.

We will provide Kwest with your name, telephone number and address alongside basic details of the service you have received from us recently. They will treat this securely and in accordance with our data protection policy and privacy notice. They will not use your personal details for any other purpose than to complete the survey and will delete your personal details once the service has completed.