Resident feedback shapes coronavirus renewal plans

Updated: 16 September 2020 at 09:22am

Thank you to all residents who took part in a survey about the impact of coronavirus and our future plans. Whilst tenants and leaseholders have reported their highest levels of satisfaction with Phoenix, they have also highlighted areas where additional support is needed.

85% of tenants and 70% of leaseholders told us that they are satisfied with our services overall. Residents also let us know that there are areas where we can do more to support people in dealing with the issues posed by coronavirus. Many outlined challenges such as maintaining mental wellbeing, employment loss and loneliness.

The survey was developed with the input of residents and had more than 800 responses from both tenants and leaseholders.

Carmen Simpson, Phoenix Community Housing Vice Chair, said: “The survey results will help us to understand the impact of the pandemic on both our residents and community. We’re resident-led and this feedback is key to ensuring that we can respond in a way that captures the needs of everyone.”


What did the results tell us?

The survey covered both how residents are managing through the pandemic and their perception of how we have responded so far.

The full survey results summary is available.

A high percentage of tenants and leaseholders described the pandemic as having a negative impact on their lives:

  • 35% of tenants and 20% of leaseholders reported bad mental wellbeing.
  • 54% of tenants and 67% of leaseholders said the lockdown had been lonely.
  • 17% of leaseholders and 15% of tenants commented on the challenges of homeworking and caring for family members.

The results also highlighted the financial struggles many are facing. This includes loss of employment and the need for financial support:

  • 39% of tenants and 42% of leaseholders reported less money coming in as a result of the pandemic.
  • Based on projections, 12-32% of all working age residents and 16-33% of all working age leaseholders could have a member of their household losing their job.
  • Around 609 Phoenix households may be interested in financial inclusion support


All residents who took part were offered a follow up call for support with any issues raised.  


What are the next steps?

We are prioritising our renewal plans in line with residents’ recommendations while considering Government guidance. We have set up our Contact Centre so that staff can take calls at home and The Green Man is also open for urgent appointments.

Resident feedback indicates a clear need to create new initiatives to offer support with issues such as loneliness and negative wellbeing. This is something that we will explore, taking into account the different experiences raised in the survey.

We will use the employment figures to help shape our financial support services and income collection plans. The results also indicate the importance of maintaining our Roots into Work scheme and advice services virtually to help people through this difficult time.

Jim Ripley, Chief Executive of Phoenix Community Housing, said: “We’re guided by our residents and so more opportunities for residents to have their say and influence our services will be key. We want to keep the conversations going and expand the ways that residents can share their views”

If you did not take part in the survey, your feedback is always valued.

Please contact us to give your views on how we have performed and to find out more about the services and support available.

View the full survey results summary.