Phoenix tackles housing fraud to help those most in need

Updated: 2 June 2015 at 15:19pm

We are pleased to have reclaimed an illegally sub-let property. The house will now become available to a local family in need.

The legal tenant of the now-reclaimed two-bed house on Reigate Road, Downham, had knowingly provided the wrong information on the occupancy of the property to Lewisham council back in 2008 and since then had been living in Herne Bay, Kent.

After contacting the legal tenant regarding the discovery, keys to the house were quickly surrendered at Phoenix's HQ, The Green Man.

Demand for housing in the Lewisham borough is high, with thousands on the waiting list and many in emergency accommodation. It was recently reported that temporary accommodation costs Lewisham Council £3m each year, highlighting the importance that social housing goes to those people most in need.

Should you suspect anyone of commiting housing fraud please contact us.