Phoenix residents give £700,000 to community projects

Updated: 8 October 2019 at 08:00am

We’re proud to support Housing Day, the theme of which this year is ‘Community Investment’.

To mark the day we’re sharing some of the stories from our award-winning Community Chest and the projects it has supported, with £700,000 given to more than 60 projects so far.

The projects have been funded over the last seven years as part of our Community Chest, which each year awards £100,000 based on tenants’ support. They range from workshops in schools to prevent bullying to activities and trips for older people.

One project supported for the last four years has won nearly £80,000 from tenants’ support, enabling it to run holiday clubs for young carers in Lewisham. Another, the South East Parakeets FC is a women’s football team serving Lewisham and Bromley. Phoenix’s support enabled it to run free training sessions, and the club now helps dozens of women of all ages and abilities take part in sport. Home Makers, Phoenix's ethical lettings agency for south-east London, now also sponsors the team's home kit.

Find out more about what our tenants have supported in our community:

Chantelle Turner, Young Carers Coordinator at Carers Lewisham, said: "The Community Chest brings the community together, no matter the age, background or life situation. And as both a tenant and working with an organisation that receives funding, I think it’s a good way to make sure that the projects most in need and most important to the community are the ones that get funded."

Jim Ripley, Chief Executive of Phoenix Community Housing, said: “Every project we support offers new opportunities and experiences to our residents, but more importantly they’re ones that you our residents choose yourselves. The Community Chest is a vehicle for improving our community, driven by our residents. We’re proud that all of our work – whether it’s the Community Chest, the restoration of the Fellowship, or the new homes we’re building – has residents right at the centre and making the changes to your community.”

Housing Day is a national campaign to show the positive impact residents of social housing make. This year’s theme focuses on housing associations’ investments in their communities.

Set up in 2013, Phoenix’s Community Chest is similar to other housing associations’ community development projects, but unique in that it is decided by tenants, including an all-tenants’ vote.

Phoenix, one of the few resident-led housing associations in the UK, aims to invest in the south London economy by working with contractors based in the borough, with our weekly drop-in sessions for jobseekers, and our recent renovation of historic Bellingham boozer, the Fellowship and Star.