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Phoenix named among UK's top 10 landlords for 5th time running

Updated: 15 July 2019 at 14:53pm

We're pleased to be placed 8th in a new annual Top 50 Social Landlords list. 

It's the 5th time in succession that we have named among the top 10 in the list compiled by 24housing magazine.

Judges noted:

  • our resident-led model at Phoenix Community Housing 
  • our £4million restoration of the Fellowship and Star
  • the roll-out of our development programme
  • the success of our unique 'school of social housing' - the Phoenix Academy - now accredited by the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Here's how the magazine described us:

24housing top 50 landlords piece

Congratulations to all the other social landlords who made the list and especially to Homes in Sedgemoor, which claimed top spot for 2019.