Jim Ripley Phoenix Community Housing Chief Executive

Phoenix CEO Jim Ripley shortlisted for CIH Vice President

Updated: 4 September 2019 at 08:38am

We are delighted to share that our long-standing Chief Executive Jim Ripley has been shortlisted for one of the most influential roles in the housing sector.

Jim is one of two candidates vying to become Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), and if successful would be due to become CIH President in 2020.

CIH members can vote until Friday 27 September through the election site.

Jim has worked in housing for 35 years and has been Chief Executive of Phoenix since our creation in 2007 as one of only a handful of resident-led housing associations in the UK.

Among his initiatives has been the introduction of the Phoenix Academy, our CIH-accredited ‘school of social housing’ which seeks to develop future resident Board Members both for Phoenix and other housing associations.

Jim said: “I remember passing my CIH exams in 1988 at Hackney College. To have the opportunity to run for the Vice Presidency 30 years later is a thrill to me and I hope members will consider lending me their vote.

“I’m passionate about the history of social housing and I’m passionate about the role of role of social housing now in tackling homelessness and supporting a cohesive society. It’s clear that we need to build many more social homes and we need to take every opportunity to argue that case.”

If elected, Jim would also like to build on the campaigns of current CIH President James Strang and previous president Alison Inman, with a particular focus of the impact of drugs and alcohol on domestic violence, antisocial behaviour and health.

The other shortlisted candidate is Jo Richardson, Professor of Housing and Social Inclusion at De Montfort University.