Photo of Eileen Davies while on a tour of Phoenix estates

Open up our fencing policy by giving your views

Updated: 26 June 2020 at 14:26pm

We’re looking for your views on how we maintain and manage fencing in a way that best meets residents’ needs.

We choose to repair and renew fencing to boundaries that we own where this is possible and represents value for money, even though we aren’t legally required to, because of resident feedback.

We’re now looking for your views as we update our fencing policy: what should our priorities be and how can we best manage residents’ requests in a fair and transparent way?

You can fill in our short survey here. Your feedback will be given directly to our Policy Working Group, a group of tenants who feedback on our policies and help shape how we work, at their next virtual meeting in early July.

As one of the few resident-led housing associations in the UK, residents' feedback helps shape what we as an organisation and a community do together.

Last year, our Resident Scrutiny Panel conducted a review into Phoenix and fencing, which you can read on our website.

The survey closes on Thursday 2 July