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New strategy launched to regenerate our community

Updated: 26 June 2019 at 10:15am

We are launching a new strategy to bring residents and staff together to build a better future for our Phoenix community.

Phoenix Community Housing is one of a handful of resident-led housing associations in the UK, with residents represented in decision-making at all levels as well as initiatives to support residents to improve their lives and community.

Our new Community Empowerment and Engagement Strategy (CEES) sets out how we will do this, looking at four main areas:

  1. To encourage more residents to get involved in community activities and in how Phoenix is run, including finding future Board members.
  2. To support residents to find jobs, training and courses, as well as using technology.
  3. To support young people and families to thrive and develop new skills and opportunities.
  4. To make sure we use our residents’ rent and service charges to deliver excellent services.

The strategy sets out our plans of getting more residents involved in the running of Phoenix, including on our Board, in groups such as our Scrutiny Panel and Communications Group, and as mystery shoppers and our youth group Phoenix Futures.

It also explains how we will seek to empower residents, including through our regular Job Club and Digital Drop-in sessions as well as wider work to improve skills and employment chances.

Commenting on the new strategy, Chair of the Board and member of the strategy’s working group, Anne McGurk, wrote: "Those of us who live in our community need to set the direction and standards for that community - we need to make the decisions and employ inclusive minded people to turn our vision into reality... Our Community Empowerment and Engagement Strategy, designed by residents and staff together, focuses engaging residents in keeping Phoenix resident centred and resident led." 

[Full blog on the strategy is available here.]

The joint CEES is the first that we have produced, previously having separate strategies for the engagement and empowerment of residents.

You can read a short version of the strategy here on our website. Residents interested in getting involved can find out more about available opportunities on our website.

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