New homes approved at Forster House

Updated: 26 January 2016 at 13:39pm

In response to the current house shortage in the UK, one of our ambitions here at Phoenix is to build new homes. Last year we shared details of our plans with residents for a new residential development at Forster House on Whitefoot Lane.

We're now pleased to announce that we have now been granted planning permission from Lewisham Council to create 22 new homes for affordable rent in the area.

Here's some artist impressions on what the new flats will look like:

The new homes, which will comprise of nine one-bedroom flats and thirteen two-bedroom flats  will be built adjacent to Forster House, an existing Phoenix development opposite Forster Park. Designs also include additional car parking spaces and environmental improvements to outdoor spaces which existing residents will be able to enjoy too.

The next stage of the process will be to secure funding for the new development and we hope that building work can begin in summer 2016, with the new homes being completed by January 2018.

Chief Executive, Jim Ripley, said: “News on the housing crisis is everywhere at the moment, it’s a really important subject. There are thousands of people on the Council’s waiting list and we’re commited to playing a part in helping to solve it.

“These new homes are part of our wider ambitions to create more social housing in south Lewisham and we’re looking for other possible sites too.

“We’re delighted that our plans have been approved and want to thank residents who got involved with our consultations too.”