Photo of Phoenix flats

Improving our service for leaseholders

Updated: 30 January 2019 at 12:08pm

Of around 6,300 homes that are part of the Phoenix community, around 800 are leasehold properties.

We have been working hard to provide a quality service to all leaseholders. The results are beginning to show, with an improved level of leaseholder satisfaction recorded in the survey we carried out in September 2018.

Following feedback from residents, we made a number of changes to the way we deliver services to leaseholders, as well as recruiting to new posts that would enable a more specialised, skilled service.

We had a number of goals in doing this, including raising resident satisfaction through ensuring leaseholders felt confident in our team’s skills and knowledge while reducing costs to increase investment in the community.

Regular leasehold open evenings now take place, ensuring that residents have an opportunity to meet the people who can help with your lease, carry out repairs, and take care of our green spaces.

Leaseholders now also receive a more personal service, with a dedicated member of the team working with them to resolve any issues. Other members of the team are able to give advice on options for tenants to become home owners and ensure service charges are set fairly and collected.

Denis Costelloe, a Phoenix leaseholder, said: “I consider that Phoenix are far more responsive to leaseholders issues nowadays than when I first came under their umbrella. The leasehold evenings are most worthwhile and a step in the right direction. I also use Phoenix house contents insurance.”

While leaseholder satisfaction has improved, we’re committed to continuing to look at ways to improve our service to leaseholders.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.