Help us improve how we handle complaints

Updated: 14 October 2020 at 15:04pm

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. The survey is now closed but you can always feedback on our services by contacting us.

We want to deliver the best possible service to you. Your complaints are valuable and important to us, they’re an opportunity for us to learn from and improve our services. We're looking for your views on how we handle complaints, to help us improve. 

We’re following a new complaints handling code introduced by the Housing Ombudsman Service. The code will help us improve how we handle complaints.

As a resident-led housing association we always value the feedback of our tenants and leaseholders. That’s why we’re inviting our residents to give feedback on how we handle complaints. 

We know there is room for improvement and recognise that we need to improve how we handle complaints. We’re already taking steps to improve our response to complaints by providing all staff with further customer care training. 

Remember, if you're not satisfied with us or our services, we encourage you to make a complaint. Your complaints provide valuable feedback and are an opportunity to learn from.

You can make a complaint in person, over the phone, by email, post and social media. You can find more information on how to make a complaint and the procedure that follows, here on our website.


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