Hedge planting at the Meadows

Greening Phoenix: planting programme begins on estates

Updated: 13 December 2019 at 11:03am

We have embarked on a six month long planting spree that will spruce up the green spaces in our communities and provide a better environment for our residents to live in.

Work has already begun planting over 80 trees all across our neighbourhoods, as well as sowing wild meadow flower seeds in most of our green areas over the winter months.

There are also plans to plant over seventy metres of hedge along Beckenham Hill – just up the road from The Green Man.

We previously pledged that for every tree that we removed when building new homes we would plant two more. We have kept that pledge to ensure that overall there will be more trees than there were before.

This ensures a balanced environment with the right trees and plants in the right places.

Trees can help our neighbourhoods in the following ways:

  • A mature tree can provide enough oxygen in a year for the needs of 10 people
  • improve air quality by trapping pollutants and toxic particles
  • reduce soil erosion
  • absorb harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide
  • provide shelter and shade
  • slow down wind speed and reduce air turbulence around buildings
  • soften the harshness of the urban landscape
  • people recover from illness quicker if they can see trees and green areas
  • improve the appearance of the borough, attracting both residential and commercial investment.

Wild flower meadows:

  • provide a colourful and attractive display
  • are more environmentally friendly
  • encourage bees, hedgehogs, frogs and other beneficial animals and insects.

James Peters, our Estates Services Manager, said: “It’s a big commitment but the end result will really benefit our communities and our residents who live in them. It will be particularly exciting to see the flower meadows grow in the spring.”