Gold Club vouchers are on their way!

Updated: 27 February 2020 at 12:00pm

Your golden ticket for this year’s Gold Club Party isn’t the only special delivery to expect – this year’s Gold Club vouchers are arriving on your doorstep.

Gold Club is an opportunity to thank our residents. When you keep appointments, do things like pay by direct debit, keep your payments up-to-date – or even just join – you enable us to run our services more efficiently, helping us to save money that we can then invest elsewhere to improve our services.

To thank you, we give you points that at the end of each year are tallied up and are returned to you in the form of Love2Shop vouchers for some high street stores.

We also organise an exclusive party for Gold Club members to unwind and enjoy yourselves. If you received a golden ticket with your copy of the Phoenix Flyer, then you’re invited!  

Keep an eye out for this year’s vouchers delivered by a courier company called DX. You may have received them already – but if not, keep an eye out for deliveries and then let us know on Twitter (@phoenixtogether) or Instagram (@phoenixtogether) how you’re going to use your rewards!