Give your views on a new rent credits and refunds policy

Updated: 13 January 2022 at 11:26am

We’d like to get your views on the introduction of a new rent credits and refunds policy.  

It is a requirement of your tenancy to pay your rent in advance and we want to ensure that you don’t overpay by too much and that large credits are not held on your rent account. 

This is because accounts with large credits may trigger the need to implement anti-money laundering regulations.  

We want to ensure that tenants are in control of their money and have the option to earn interest in a savings account. 

You can submit your views through a short survey. Please read the consultation document before completing the survey. This includes the information you will need to submit your feedback.  

Your views will be given directly to our Policy Working Group, a group of residents who feedback on our policies and help shape how we work.  

As one of the few resident-led housing associations in the UK, residents' feedback helps shape what we as an organisation and a community do together. 

The survey closes on Friday 11 February.  

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