Development plans at Melfield Gardens

Updated: 6 December 2016 at 10:58am

There is a significant shortage of housing in south Lewisham, just as there is across London and the the UK as a whole.

Today we are writing to all residents at 17-32 Melfield Gardens about our plans to demolish the 16 bedsits to enable a new development of up to 37 new homes.

We had previously advised residents of our intention in April 2015. Our Board has since given its approval for these demolition plans and we expect this will happen in late 2017.

We fully recognise that the process of moving home can be anxious and stressful. Our priority now is to support existing residents and help them move to a good quality home that meets their needs. All affected residents will be offered compensation in acknowledgement of the disturbance.

We are now seeking the views of residents at 17-32 Melfield Gardens on the process, and we have offered each of them an individual appointment to discuss next steps and raise any questions.

Affected tenants will be given top priority under Lewisham Council’s housing allocations system, which will enable them to bid for one-bedroom properties.

Residents will receive a further formal letter confirming our intention to demolish 17-32 Melfield Gardens and this will be accompanied by a formal demolition notice.

Please look out for further updates.