Consultation for 10-year Environmental Improvement Programme begins

Updated: 16 October 2020 at 09:21am

Phoenix Community Housing is preparing to begin a 10-year Environmental Improvement Programme which aims to make our communities a nicer and greener place to live.

As a resident-led housing association, we want residents to be involved in the project and to have a say on how the outside spaces in our areas are used. We will work together to assess what currently works well and carry out the works based on resident priorities.   

The programme will look at existing facilities in Phoenix estates, as well as opportunities for leisure and play spaces. It will also look at how safe current facilities are and address any issues with easy to maintain solutions.

This programme may include works to:

  • storage for cycles, buggies and mobility scooters
  • security such as lighting
  • estate roads, footpaths and parking arrangements
  • water saving and drainage
  • family friendly spaces
  • planting
  • bin stores.

Resident consultation

This is a long-term programme which will start in 2021. Residents who live in North Downham, Southend Lane and Berkshire House will benefit from the works commencing next year and consultation has begun to identify their priorities for the area.

Residents involved in year one of the programme will also have the option to join a Resident Working Group. The group will oversee the improvement works, play a role in the procurement process and ensure that resident priorities are met.

For more information about the programme, please contact us.