Better Together | read our residents’ annual report for 2020-21

Updated: 27 August 2021 at 13:23pm

Our residents’ annual report for 2020-21 is now available online and has been developed remotely by our Resident Communications Group, who helped to shape the design, format and content of the report.  

The report explores:  

  • How we have been performing during 2020-21 and where we need to improve  
  • How we compare to other landlords in London  
  • Our plans and priorities for the next five years 

The theme this year is “Better Together” to celebrate how residents are the key piece in the Phoenix jigsaw. "Together, we are building a better future for our Phoenix community.” 

While it has been a challenging year, there’s lots to be proud of. Our report recognises residents and staff who have worked together to support each other and our community during the pandemic.  

You can read their stories in our annual report online, or contact us to request a print copy.  

Resident shareholders will formally receive the annual report at our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14 September.