Photo of a young child carrying a lantern

Bellingham comes together to honour the Fellowship

Updated: 19 February 2019 at 09:54am

Bellingham was lit up with hundreds of lanterns and fireworks on Friday 15 February, as the community came out to celebrate the soon-to-be reopened Fellowship.

A big thank you to everyone that joined us as we paraded through the streets of Bellingham.

Over 200 schoolchildren and their families marched through the streets carrying lanterns made as part of the Heritage Lottery funded Fellowship arts projects. They were joined by musicians from South London Samba and Lewisham Music. The children set off from Elfrida and Athelney primary schools, before coming together at Bellingham Green and parading on to The Fellowship in Randlesdown Road.

Following speeches by Lewisham Mayor, Damien Egan, and the chair of our board, Anne McGurk, the crowd enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display.

Anne McGurk said: “Well, wasn’t that amazing. Hundreds of our brilliant residents showcasing the diversity of the community the Fellowship and Star sits at the heart of and our joint determination to build a better future for our community.”

Jim Ripley, Chief Executive of Phoenix, added: “Some people might wonder why we’re redeveloping a pub. For us, it’s simple: we want to help make our corner of Lewisham a destination, not just somewhere to pass through. The Fellowship and Star, when it reopens, will create new jobs and apprenticeships, provide space for families to enjoy themselves, and be at the heart of the community.”

Following the parade was the first performance of Jam Tomorrow, an original play celebrating the heritage of the Fellowship.

Created by the Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre (GLYPT), Jam Tomorrow transports us back in time to see how the Fellowship has impacted the community. It also explores it's potential to be a community hub once again when it reopens, as The Fellowship & Star later managed by the Electric Star Group.


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