Image of hoardings at the Fellowship Inn

Be the eyes and ears of the Fellowship project

Updated: 8 August 2018 at 09:31am

Goldsmiths University, commissioned by Phoenix to research the Fellowship Inn’s place in the community, is looking for volunteers to act as expert eyes and ears on the ground.

Volunteer observers will share information, comments and reflections from the local community from everyday social interactions and activities. 

What does Goldsmiths want to know?

  • How people are feeling about the prospects of it opening;
  • What they think it will offer or add to the life of the community;
  • If it is seen to be something that can add something positive to the community or not;  
  • Is it for them or something that will bring in people from outside the community;
  • Any concerns about its impact on the community.  

How does it work?

It can work in whatever way suits you best. You can provide the information through a diary, images and films, social media or any other format.

How to get involved?

Goldsmiths is prepared to offer volunteers support around the role and we would anticipate this role would last about one to two months. However, the amount of time volunteers put into it is entirely down to them. 

To get involved, email the Phoenix Communications Team ( your name and contact details and ask for your information to be passed on to the Goldsmiths team.

Why is Goldsmiths looking for community volunteers?

Goldsmiths wants to understand how the community thinks and feels about the Fellowship Inn project by gathering evidence straight from that community. Collecting real-time observations shows local residents’ authentic perspectives of community change.