Homeowner insurance


Buildings insurance

As your landlord, we arrange insurance cover for the building against loss or damage by things such as fire and flood. This is a requirement of the lease. We insure the building for the full reinstatement value (the cost to replace the building like for like). Your proportion of the insurance premium is collected through your annual service charge. The insurance policy covers the structure and common parts of the buliding. 

We send this summary of the buildings insurance cover to all home owners every year. 

What we insure against

Some of the risks covered by your buildings insurance policy include:

  • fire, smoke, lightning, explosions, earthquakes
  • storm or flood
  • riot and civil commotion
  • malicious damage
  • theft
  • impact
  • subsidence
  • falling trees
  • accidental damage

To keep the insurance premium costs low there is an excess on this policy. For home owners this is the first £50 of each and every claim, rising to £1,000 in respect of subsidence.

Home contents insurance

We advise you to arrange home contents insurance as this is not covered by the buildings insurance. We do not arrange for cover for the contents of your property or your personal belongings. 

If you are a Gold Club member you can get 20% off your home contents insurance through our scheme with Aviva. 

Empty property

If you leave your property empty for 30 days or more, you may not be covered under the buildings insurance policy.

If your property will be empty for 30 days or more, please inform us, your buliding insurer and your home contents insurer. If you do not let us know that your property will be empty, this may invalidate any claim. The contact details for the buildings insurer can be found on the summary of cover. 

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim on the buildings insurance policy please contact the insurer directly, quoting the policy number. Both the telephone number and policy number can be found on the summary of cover.

It is important that you make any claim as soon as possible. If you do not have a copy available to hand please contact us.