Summer Fun | #BEin presents - How to get rich, get respected and get ahead

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Summer Fun - at home!

Join our youth leadership programme, #BEin for this interactive workshop where you'll pick up tips and tricks for developing a life plan for success.

As #BEin say: "If you ask the majority of the people in the world whether they would like to be rich and respected, we're sure their responses wouldn’t surprise you. The issue, however, is that most people don’t know what it means to be rich and how they will create a life that sees them gain the respect of others. 

"Well, in this interactive experience, we will be giving you a full game plan for designing a successful life for yourself. We could say this session is not to be missed but, honestly, you know if you are serious or not so come join us!"

This session will be delivered live via video call using Microsoft Teams which can be accessed for free on laptops, tablets and smart phones. 

This session is FREE for all Phoenix teenagers. Spaces are limited, book your place now!

You can view this year's programme of activities here. Claim your free activity pack here!