#BEin | MindBody Therapy: Dealing with uncertainty and keeeping grounded

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Join our Youth Leadership Programme, #BEin and the MindBody Therapy Group for this online workshop on how to stay grounded and deal with anxiety.

This workshop is for young people aged 16-25 who live in Downham, Bellingham and Whitefoot. The workshop will be delivered online. 

The MindBody Therapy Group will help you find ways to deal with the everyday uncertainty of these trying times. It's okay to feel overwhelmed but how do we take back a bit of control over our lives. We can't do so many things but what can we do is what we'll be talking about, to help push your life forward. We will take you into a meditation and guided visualisation which will give you ways to destress, deal with anxiety and stay grounded at any time you need.

To book your place, email #BEin or call 0800 0285 700.

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