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Deirdre Kennedy

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel takes a close look at Phoenix services to make sure they're working for residents and the organisation. One member Deirdre writes on the Panel's most recent review into the garden scheme.

Phoenix’s garden scheme: is it the best that it can be?...

Photo of a resident answering the door
Brian Blundell

Brian Blundell, a member of our Resident Communications Group, shares an experience to warn others about personal safety when using a cashpoint.

Not too long ago, while withdrawing some money from a machine, I looked around me and a man barged in.

He said he wanted his...

Photo of Phoenix residents voting at the 2018 Annual General Meeting
Simon Barlow

Simon Barlow is a Phoenix tenant and a member of our Scrutiny Panel

As a Phoenix resident, you have a voice to shape how our homes and neighbourhoods are run.

Phoenix is determined to actually change in response to what we as residents say.

There are more...

Photo of Eileen Davies while on a tour of Phoenix estates
Eileen Davies

Eileen Davies is a Phoenix tenant and member of the Resident Scrutiny Panel. The Panel conducts reviews into Phoenix services and our performances, and makes recommendations to the Board.

Hello, lovely people....

Housing Officer Veronica meets a pug rehomed by Battersea
Veronica Brown and Jeffrey Williams

Veronica Brown and Jeffrey Williams are part of our Housing Management team. They help residents with a wide variety of tenancy issues, with responsibility for particular neighbourhoods and estates. In this blog, they reflect on...

A photo of some of the members of the Grounds Maintenance team
Ben Moss

Ben Moss is part of our Grounds Maintenance team. One year on from the service being taken in-house, he reflects on what’s changed.

As a local lad, I’ve been working in south east London for years, including for the company that Phoenix contracted to cut the grass, trim the...

Graphic reading 'Introducing the Phoenix Flyer'
Helen Whiteley

By Helen Whiteley, Resident Communications Group member

I hope you noticed our new newsletter. It’s different because our newsletter is now the Phoenix Flyer. I’ve always loved our newsletter because it’s a paper that belongs to us, the residents.

Our newsletter is...

Photo from Summer Fun at Bellingham Green of residents
Anne McGurk

Phoenix tenant and Chair of the Board, Anne McGurk, explains the importance of residents’ voices

Our wonderfully diverse community in Bellingham, Downham and Whitefoot is made up of individuals equally as wonderful. Some of us are struggling, and some of us are blossoming – but...

Skyping with Preston
David Yates

David Yates is a Tenant Board Member of Community Gateway Association, Preston. He has been an actively involved resident since 2012 when he joined their Gateway Committee. He is the Chair of their Editorial Panel, which is equivalent to our Resident Communications Group. Here he explains...

Board Chair Anne McGurk
Anne McGurk

Anne McGurk is Chair of the Phoenix Board and a retired head teacher. She is also a Phoenix tenant.

#HousingDay on Wednesday 10 October is a 24-hour social media-led celebration of the positive impact of social housing on millions of tenants. Now in its sixth year, the day...