Photo of residents and staff at the Phoenix Academy
The Chair of Phoenix's Board Anne McGurk sitting in front of a bookshelf in her living room
Anne McGurk
Thursday 27th June 2019 - 12:00

Working together for our Phoenix community

We have launched a new strategy to engage and empower people in our community, which will see residents and staff working together to achieve our goals. Tenant and Chair of our Board Anne McGurk explains why.

Phoenix Community Housing is the offspring of resident action, determination, vision and insights.

Modelled on the Gateway principles of resident leadership and involvement it has morphed into a totally resident-centred/led organisation.

We have achieved much. The challenge is keeping residents actively involved. 

It is easy to hand over the control and responsibility to others when things are going well. Give an inch and you lose a mile... that mile is hard to regain. We don’t intend to lose an inch of what we have gained. The ‘we’ being residents and staff from our diverse community. 

We work constantly to engage residents in the running of Phoenix and the decision-making process; we equip residents and the community at large with skills to find jobs, services, and educational avenues, that will add to their store of reserves to meet any challenge or adventure that comes along. We search for ways to be inclusive - are you a resident, can you bring a viewpoint not represented? 

Those of us who live in our community need to set the direction and standards for that community - we need to make the decisions and employ inclusive minded people to turn our vision into reality. Phoenix staff are part of that vision; together we spend time and effort in building resident centred communities. 

We cannot ‘work together to build a better future’ unless we have involved residents making sure their voice is heard at every level. We maintain and build homes for people, for families, for communities.

Our Community Empowerment and Engagement Strategy, designed by residents and staff together, focuses engaging residents in keeping Phoenix resident centred and resident led.

Get involved. Get engaged. Get a voice... make a difference.

The Community Empowerment and Engagement Strategy sets out how we plan to involve, engage and empower residents to work together to build a better community. You can read a summary version here.