Scrutiny panel walking around doing an inspection
Eileen Davies portrait
Eileen Davies
Tuesday 20th August 2019 - 08:30

Working with Phoenix to improve services

Hello residents, just a quick update from me to let you know that the Scrutiny Panel is still working hard to improve services for all residents and the neighbourhoods we live in. 

Our new review

We have now begun the new scrutiny review on “The Role of Housing Officers and Phoenix’s approach to residents at risk.” To get started, we are reading all housing related documents such as policies, strategy and past performance reports as well as job descriptions of the housing officers. To be honest, we've been really surprised about the vast scope of the job and just how complex it can be.

We are setting up an interview with a housing officer to understand a day in their life. We're hoping this will help us to find ways to help residents who are accessing housing services and help the housing officers themselves.  

We know that this is going to be a tough scrutiny as there is so much to look at and take into account. We will be working hard to get the best outcomes we can for everyone. 

We’ve been taking part in training

The Scrutiny Panel attended TPAS training to keep us updated on the housing sector. This is always helpful following changes within the government, such as the appointment of the new housing minister. There are always departments closing or restructuring and new ones being made especially in housing. 

Visiting TPAS regularly is great because it means we can continue our training to achieve the best outcomes for all. As part of our visit, we took part in a session called Scrutiny: Journey to excellence. 

The topics we covered were:

  • Defining Excellence 
  • Organisational Culture, Choosing a review topic, Planning and scoping a review
  • Delivering Excellence: evidenced-based reviews, reporting, training and support, tracking impact

It was a long day but well worth the effort of attending. We were really pleased with the progress of Phoenix as a landlord. We found out we are ahead of other housing associations at the training in implementing strategies from the 'together with tenants charter' and the new Social Housing Green Paper. Both aim to empower social housing tenants and improve their lives. This is something to be really proud of. 

Get Involved

We'd love you to get involved with the panel either permanently or on an ad-hoc basis, if you're interested in a particular topic. There are lots of ways to join in. You can attend our reviews in person but you don't have to attend every meeting to be part of the group.  You can also become a virtual member and take part in reviews online. I'd personally love to see some younger members join us too, as they really are the future of Phoenix. 

We'd like as many residents involved as possible because the more of us there are, the better the outcome for all.