Sharon O'Connor
Thursday 22nd July 2021 - 09:21

What a difference a week makes!

Sharon is a Phoenix leaseholder and has been providing energy advice remotely during the pandemic. Sharon shares her tips to keep cool during the hot weather, without increasing your energy bills!

My last article was about keeping the warmth in and this one is about keeping cool, without the cost of air conditioners or the noise of fans!  

To keep your home cool, it is the exact opposite of keeping warmth in. Close curtains and only open windows if this will create a through draft, if it doesn’t, then you’re better off keeping them closed. 

Being too hot, is as bad as being too cold. 

I love to see the sun, however, I’m not good in the heat. During this hot weather, I have managed to keep my living room at about 22 to 23 degrees Celsius, compared to the outside temperature of 30 degrees Celsius! It is nice to walk in from outside and find it getting cooler the further I walk along the hall way. 

If you still feel too hot, you can always do the NASA experiment, by keeping your hands and wrists in a bowl of cold water. The idea behind this is that as the blood vessels are near the surface it will cool the blood as it is carried around the body and therefore cool you down! 

The only extra expense I’ve had due to the heat is the cost of an LED light bulb being on for longer, due to the curtains being drawn. Nonetheless, it’s a lot less than a mobile air conditioner running for several hours a day, about £3 to £4 per day depending on wattage. A fan is a lot cheaper, usually a couple of pence per day, but the noise is headache material. 

Whatever action you take, keep safe. If going outside, remember to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water! 

Happy savings!