Photo of Eileen Davies while on a tour of Phoenix estates
Photo of Eileen Davies
Eileen Davies
Friday 14th December 2018 - 14:47

Taking care of caretaking

Eileen Davies is a Phoenix tenant and member of the Resident Scrutiny Panel. The Panel conducts reviews into Phoenix services and our performances, and makes recommendations to the Board.

Hello, lovely people. It’s me again after my last update. The Scrutiny Panel has been as hard at work as ever, ensuring Phoenix delivers value for money and a brilliant service to all its residents. We’ve been working on two reviews recently, including on the caretaking service.

Over the course of the review, we learned plenty about the people in red shirts that look after our neighbourhoods. Did you know that a team of 20 caretakers are responsible for roughly 400 blocks? Or that, according to a telephone survey in mid-2018, approximately 84.5% of residents are fairly or very satisfied with their caretaker’s overall performance?

The panel even learned that Phoenix has homes even more widely spread than we’d realised!

Following the desk-based research, touring a couple of our blocks, and interviewing caretakers and the management team, the Panel has put together a report with recommendations to improve our caretaking service.

These include making sure caretakers working alone always feel safe, reviewing the number of red bins in our neighbourhoods, and buying long-reach poles so caretakers can clean higher windows.

The review into caretaking standards is actually our seventh report since the Panel was set up, with other reviews making sure things like the repairs service and handyperson scheme are up to scratch.

And you’ll have seen the impact: we wanted to publicise the handyperson service to more residents, and that’s why you’ll have seen a handyperson leaflet come through your door with November’s Phoenix Flyer.

As residents in Phoenix, we have a massive say in what happens in our communities. The Resident Scrutiny Panel is one of the ways that you can have a say in your home and neighbourhood. And we’d love you to join us to make sure Phoenix keeps delivering excellent services (and have some laughs along the way!).

To join the Resident Scrutiny Panel, please email or contact us.

The Panel’s summary report into the Caretaking Services can be read here on our website.