Stella Enoe
Tuesday 21st July 2020 - 16:07

Stella and the Phoenix Senior Super Singers

Stella Enoe is a professional singer and teacher. She has been a Phoenix resident since our creation and recently founded the ‘Phoenix Senior Super Singers’. She encourages other residents to get involved and to develop their own community initiatives.

My name is Stella Enoe and I’m a Phoenix resident and professional singer with 34 years of experience in teaching and singing. I also have two beautiful children that are now adults doing their own thing in the music industry as well, one’s a professional singer and the other’s a music producer. 

The main reason I started this workshop was to provide a safe space locally for like minded residents to experience the health benefits of singing, of which there are many. Here’s a few examples; improved lung capacity with breathing, better posture and an enhanced feeling of relaxation, mood and confidence - just to name a few! 

I needed some help and guidance on how to develop the group so I asked the staff at a Phoenix event and was connected with the Pop-up Projects programme who supported me – Lisa and Yvonne were a great help. They advised me to apply for Community Chest funding. I did so and was awarded a small grant to set up a workshop in my local community.

My project is a weekly senior singer’s workshop that consists of vocal exercises and techniques, combined with basic music theory, all aimed at developing the voice as well as self-confidence and performance skills.

We got off to to a great start but are currently on hold due to the lockdown. I’ve had feedback: “I’m losing my mind” and “when are we going to start back, I miss it so much!” I miss it to. We’re all looking forward to meeting up again at The Green Man!

That’s why I’ve taken this opportunity to write this article - to promote my workshop and to encourage other Phoenix residents to do the same. Our community is rich and talented - you may have great skills and ideas that you’d like to share with this community too. If so, you really should get in touch with Phoenix and check out the Pop-up Projects programme. You’ll receive advice on how you can develop your ideas into reality too, because your community needs you.”

You can find out more about this year's Community Chest here. If you're interested in setting up your own community project please get in contact.