Photo from Summer Fun at Bellingham Green of residents
Photo of tenant Chair of the Board, Anne McGurk
Anne McGurk
Wednesday 7th November 2018 - 15:17

Raising our voices

Phoenix tenant and Chair of the Board, Anne McGurk, explains the importance of residents’ voices

Our wonderfully diverse community in Bellingham, Downham and Whitefoot is made up of individuals equally as wonderful. Some of us are struggling, and some of us are blossoming – but each of us is unique: a unique part of an amazing whole.

I often get told, as tenant Chair, I need to be the ‘voice of the voiceless.’  “No!” I say,“we will not have any voiceless people in our community.”

Residents don’t need my voice or the voice of a Phoenix employee. They just need us to move away from the loudspeakers, the soapboxes, the editors’ chairs and give them a platform - a chance to speak, and more importantly to be heard. 

Our community is not full of people with problems to be fixed. It is full of people just like you and me. Take it from me: we residents know how to solve the problems that life throws at us. All we need is an opportunity to get our voice out there. Positive change will be the result. 

Phoenix is resident led. Residents are the largest group on the board. Residents employ the staff. Residents interview new employees, residents scrutinise policies and procedures, residents agree Development plans and, and...

Well you get the idea. Residents help run the organisation. 

Let’s now make sure everyone gets a chance to use their voice, tell their story, air their ideas and solutions, challenge stereotypes.

Let’s begin with your newsletter: write for it, throw out your challenges and listen to others... make the Phoenix Flyer your voice. 

This Phoenix Voices originally appeared in the November issue of the Phoenix Flyer. If you'd like to read the Phoenix Flyer, click here.