Photo of Phoenix residents voting at the 2018 Annual General Meeting
Photo of the author and Resident Scrutiny Panel member, Simon Barlow
Simon Barlow
Wednesday 30th January 2019 - 11:30

Phoenix - what you think matters

Simon Barlow is a Phoenix tenant and a member of our Scrutiny Panel

As a Phoenix resident, you have a voice to shape how our homes and neighbourhoods are run.

Phoenix is determined to actually change in response to what we as residents say.

There are more opportunities to get involved with Phoenix than you’d see at many other housing associations or councils up and down the country.

What’s different is that residents not only have a voice at all levels, but that involvement is ongoing.

A group of us look at Phoenix services, interview staff and make suggestions for improvements.

This group is the Scrutiny Panel. We look at things from Phoenix’s and residents’ sides to make sure things work well for everyone.

And from eight reviews so far, we’ve made a total of 68 recommendations on everything from caretaking to the Phoenix Repairs Service.

These might be things like changing the way a service operates so that it works better for residents or helps to save money that Phoenix can invest somewhere else in our community. The group also monitors recommendations regularly to make sure they aren’t forgotten.

For me, being able to shape Phoenix services is why I enjoy being part of the Scrutiny Panel. Through the recommendations we make, we can see the impact we are having to ensure value for money and that the best use of rent and other income is made.

I’d love to see more residents get involved with Phoenix to ensure it delivers for us and works alongside us to improve our lives and our community.

Want to get involved in the Panel? Email or call us. You can view the Panel’s summary reports by following this link.

This Phoenix Voices article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue of the Phoenix Flyer, which you can read here.