Housing Officer Veronica meets a pug rehomed by Battersea
Jeffrey and Veronica
Veronica Brown and Jeffrey Williams
Wednesday 5th December 2018 - 13:49

Pets at home - why we're proud to be pet friendly

Veronica Brown and Jeffrey Williams are part of our Housing Management team. They help residents with a wide variety of tenancy issues, with responsibility for particular neighbourhoods and estates. In this blog, they reflect on Phoenix's approach to pet ownership and the difference this makes for our residents. 

In November, we went to the launch of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's Pet-Friendly Properties campaign, where we discussed this positive project and discussed what we, at Phoenix, wished to achieve from this.

Battersea’s Pet-Friendly Properties campaign aims to create awareness about responsible pet ownership and to provide training, support and advice to owners and would-be owners on how to maintain pet-friendly homes.

At Phoenix, our Tenancy Agreement is among the most pet-friendly in the UK.  All of our residents have the right to keep a reasonable number of pets - a recognition of the importance of pets to our residents and to our community. We both know from experience the difference pets can make for our residents - they provide company, social interaction and can help to keep us all mobile and active. 

Veronica Brown, Battersea's Barry Webb and Jeffrey Williams.

Some tenants however do abuse this tenancy right through a lack of responsible pet caring skills. They allow their pets to create various forms of antisocial behaviour difficulties to neighbours which result in tenancy breaches and tenancy management problems. In some instances we do have to withdraw permission for residents to keep their pet. Battersea's new programme will be useful to us in these scenarios and we hope will mean that we don't have to withdraw permission to keep pets. 

Battersea will be offering a range of training to support responsible pet ownership and we can both recall scenarios in the past where pets have led to antisocial behaviour cases, where this additional support could have made a big difference. 

It's always our aim to work with the resident to ensure that they can keep their pet because we realise that their pet is not only dear to them but also a comfort (especially those residents who live alone) and is important to their quality of life.

We're looking forward to working closely with Battersea in the future to support our residents with training, advice and support where necessary to make sure all of our residents can continue to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership. 

We hope Battersea's campaign, and our own approach to pet ownership will encourage more housing associations and landlords to adopt pet-friendly policies and improve the support they offer to their residents to keep pets.