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Photo of Helen Whiteley and her dog, Rocco
Helen Whiteley
Wednesday 7th November 2018 - 16:34

A newsletter that works for you

By Helen Whiteley, Resident Communications Group member

I hope you noticed our new newsletter. It’s different because our newsletter is now the Phoenix Flyer. I’ve always loved our newsletter because it’s a paper that belongs to us, the residents.

Our newsletter is changing. The Phoenix Flyer, in this shape, will provide better value for money. It remains an important way for Phoenix to update us on important matters including health and safety and how Phoenix is performing as our landlord.

It also means we can tell you about news, events, and ways you can get involved.

You can write to us as many times as you like, tell us how you feel and contribute to the newsletter.

The Phoenix Flyer will make it easier to find training that Phoenix runs, as well as regular information on how Phoenix maintains and improves our homes and community.

If you prefer, we can send you the Phoenix Flyer by email – you’ll get news and updates direct to your phone or computer.

This newsletter, like Phoenix, belongs to every resident – and if you’d like to get involved, we’ll love to hear from you. We hope you like it.

This Phoenix Voices originally appeared in the November issue of the Phoenix Flyer. If you'd like to read the Phoenix Flyer, click here.