Tracy Blundell
Wednesday 1st November 2017 - 11:29

My Phoenix - Tracy Blundell

Tracy’s currently doing work experience with our Community Regeneration team. After completing a European Computer Driving Licence course with us, she’s volunteered at our Digital Drop-in and has helped to support residents who’ve had changes in their housing benefits.


How long have you been a Phoenix resident?

I lived around here since before Phoenix started. I came here in 1998, so that’s 19 years. I grew up in Kidbrooke, then my mum moved to Catford, but she was having problems in the house that she was in – it was private – so I got this place, and she moved elsewhere.


What changes have you seen?

A lot, a lot. They’ve done the decent housing, so kitchens and bathrooms have been decorated and fitted – we had all that done, and I’m happy with it. Estate-wise, there’s been a lot of changes - on the corners near where I live they’ve put in those little stones and plants. It’s better than it was before.


What’s the best thing about living in the Phoenix area?

They provide a lot around the area, so you get out and you meet new people and make new friends.

Phoenix do a lot for the community and for the residents. I do voluntary work in The Green Man, I enjoy coming here. If I had the choice to live anywhere, I wouldn’t move out of the area, I wouldn’t move at all.


What would you change?

I don’t think I’d want anything to change… Other than the road up where I live, it’s just a complete nightmare. The road itself is lovely, but now it’s cars everywhere and vans. That’s the only thing that puts me off the area, but it’s nothing to do with Phoenix.

I can’t think of anything about Phoenix I would change, to be honest, I think they’ve done everything they could do. The only thing, maybe, is a bit more for the kids, like youth clubs or something like that, but I wouldn’t change anything they’ve already done.

And we’ve got the park, Bellingham Green. I think maybe there should be a bit more for the older kids to do in the park.


What are your hopes for the future?

Just for Phoenix to carry on with what they are doing, and hopefully new stuff will come out at the end. Phoenix provide a lot regarding job searches and apprenticeships. I’d like, in time, to get a job working for Phoenix – because I do voluntary work here at the moment and really enjoy it, so hopefully one day I can find a job here.