Assanatu Coopper
Assanatu Coopper
Assanatu Coopper
Friday 21st July 2017 - 14:23

My Phoenix - Assanatu Coopper

Assanatu worked with our Property and New Business team on a work experience placement for four weeks, after finding out about our opportunities at our Job Club. We caught up with her to discover how she found it.

How long have you been a Phoenix resident?

I've always lived in Lewisham, but I've only been a Phoenix resident for five years. I was originally with Lewisham, but they knocked the building down where I lived.

A friend recommended Phoenix to me as she said they were a great housing association. I bid for a Phoenix property and was lucky enough to be chosen to view a house, and here I am. 

What changes have you seen?

I've seen changes in myself. I feel that Phoenix has helped me be the person that I am today. I've gained so much confidence in the last few months from building relationships with the staff. They've been so helpful and I've started to believe in myself. I feel inspired. 

What’s the best thing about living in the Phoenix area?

I love that Phoenix is open and I always feel welcome when I come to The Green Man.

I've found everyone so helpful and easy to talk to and I'm so happy that I came into the Job Club and met Asharne (one of Phoenix's apprentices). He's been amazing and has given me so much confidence to improve and do more. 

I feel so lucky that I got my work experience placement with Phoenix to see the other side of a housing association.

What would you change?

Phoenix are doing so much to help the community. I originally came into the office for a repair enquiry and ended up joining the Job Club. Everyone is so friendly and I've gained so much from the training courses on offer that I now have five certificates!

I've had so much support that I would like Phoenix to reach out more to residents and let them know that they can get help if they need it.

What are your hopes for the future?

I've been given so many opportunities and I'd love to continue developing myself and learn even more skills. Technology is changing so much and Phoenix has given me an educational platform that I can build on.

I've got so much to give.

I hope that someone gives me the chance to work with them so that I can start to rebuild my career.