Photo of Deirdre Kennedy
Deirdre Kennedy
Tuesday 2nd April 2019 - 16:41

Making the cut

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel takes a close look at Phoenix services to make sure they're working for residents and the organisation. One member Deirdre writes on the Panel's most recent review into the garden scheme.

Phoenix’s garden scheme: is it the best that it can be? That was the question the Scrutiny Panel had in mind when we began our review into it.

The Panel, made up of residents, carries out reviews into Phoenix services and how it’s doing as our landlord. This time, we decided to look into whether the garden scheme is providing value for money for residents.

The scheme offers four grass cuts to the gardens between May and October for those who are part of the scheme (with the timetable potentially changing depending on the weather).

We discovered while exploring the subject, that many residents did not clear the garden in time for the gardener to cut the grass. The gardener would have to return at another time, which means the knock-on effect would be delaying cutting for all the gardens on the scheme, which isn’t fair for the others.

Residents who take part in the scheme are asked to pay by the end of March. This allows for the budget to be put in place for the scheme to take place. 

To make the scheme fairer for tenants we suggested that it might be possible to evaluate the size of individual gardens, so that residents would pay a fairer price and the project would provide better value for money for Phoenix.

We submitted the report to the Board and are currently awaiting the answers to our possible recommendations.

The Scrutiny Panel is an important way residents get to have our say in Phoenix. We’re always looking for fresh ideas and fresh faces – just get in touch!

The summary report of the Panel’s findings and recommendations is available on our website. If you'd like to join the panel, email or call us.