Image of a caretaker checking a fire alarm in a communal area
Image of Phoenix Vice Chair and tenant, Carmen Simpson
Carmen Simpson
Tuesday 31st July 2018 - 08:26

Keeping Phoenix residents secure in their homes

Carmen Simpson is Vice Chair of Phoenix’s Board and a Phoenix tenant, in line with our resident-led model which means that the largest group on our Board are residents, and our Chair and Vice Chair will always be tenants.

As residents, we want more than just to have a house or a flat to live in: it’s about having a home that is comfortable, attractive – a home we can feel safe in.

We all watched the tragedy at Grenfell Tower in horror one year ago. We saw safety concerns – and residents – ignored. That’s why I feel so strongly about this, as both a resident and the Vice Chair of Phoenix, and it’s why I’m so determined that Phoenix continues to prioritise fire safety.

As a resident-led housing organisation, we’ve all done our bit in keeping our community safe from fire. Phoenix staff work hard and work together to minimise risks, with eight separate teams having a role and completing over 1,000 pieces of work to keep our homes safe. Phoenix has also paid for and completed specialist fire safety works, such as replacing communal fire doors and making sure our fire safety plans work.

We residents have also helped make our community safer. Through allowing contractors to access our homes and attending events on safety, we are better prepared to prevent fires happening. And through keeping communal areas clear, we can be confident in escape routes.

Phoenix can be proud of what we have done so far – and we can do more. Over the next couple of months, our contractors will continue assessing fire risks and Phoenix will continue fixing any concerns raised. We’ll continue to publicise fire safety information and continue to promote residents’ awareness of fire safety.

Our caretakers will continue to carry out weekly fire safety inspections on our properties and keep our communal areas safe, while staff will make sure that emergency lighting is regularly tested, maintain electrical insulation in properties, and ensure all properties have working smoke alarms.

Phoenix has always provided a safe environment for us to live in, and nothing will change about that.


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