Photograph of Oyindamola
Oyindamola Jimoh
Monday 8th April 2019 - 16:34

Improving my job opportunities with my landlord

Oyindamola has been a Phoenix resident for years and discovered our Job Club in 2018. She went on to gain work experience with Phoenix and became optimistic about her dream career.

Ever since I was young, I’d always wanted to be a bank manager. I know, I know! But I’d always received good grades in school and my family encouraged me to go for whatever would make me happy.

I have a degree in Finance and Accounting (just one point off getting a First), but decided to take a break after university so that I could raise my child.

I’ve been working a part time job for years now, but I decided that I’m tired of it: I needed a push, something that would challenge me every day.

But when applying for jobs, I kept hearing the same thing in interviews: “you’ve done everything really well, you’ve done everything right – but the job has gone to someone with more experience.”

I realised I needed more practical experience and support – and I found Phoenix’s Job Club.

The first time I joined Job Club at The Green Man, I was quite nervous. There were lots of people there and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I took a seat, was given a laptop to begin working on, and then Amy in the Roots Into Work team came over. We talked about the issues I was having with experience and looked through my CV with me.

I wasn’t able to attend the next Job Club, because I normally work on Tuesdays, but Amy stayed in touch with me by email and I also received the weekly Roots Into Work newsletter, which lists all upcoming jobs and training available.

Amy helped me find work experience in Phoenix itself, and I was able to put what I’d learned at university and see how it all really worked. The team was really supportive and were always happy to answer any questions.

I told my mum I was getting help finding a job from my landlord. She couldn’t believe it – but it makes sense. If you're working, you can more comfortably pay your rent so it works for the tenant and their wellbeing, while helping the landlord receive rent payments more quickly.

If I hadn’t found Roots Into Work, I’d still be stuck in a job I wasn’t enjoying. Now I’m confident I’ll be able to find a job I’m excited about.

If you could benefit from training or support in finding work, visit our Job Club (every Tuesday, 10am-1pm in The Green Man).