Resident Amelie Konan
Resident Amelie Konan
Amelie Konan
Monday 3rd September 2018 - 10:51

How I got online with the help of my landlord!

I hadn’t thought about asking my landlord for help updating my CV. But that’s exactly how I found the help I’d been seeking when someone suggested I visit The Green Man hub!

I found the job club, and Amy, and discovered a digital drop in running the next day. There I got to meet John, one of the volunteers who became my mentor and a great help in my personal development, especially with improving my digital skills.

Luckily for me there was a scheme at the time which allowed me to borrow a tablet for four weeks. This was transformational for me, as I didn’t have the money for one just then.

With a bit of dedication and the patience of my mentor, I was soon able to navigate and browse the internet easily. My commitment soon paid off, I bought my own laptop, and frequent use gave me the confidence to increase my digital skills.

Within a short time, I became more motivated and increased my use and understanding of technology in general and re-gained my confidence.

These days almost everything is online and so many people need help and training to use technology efficiently and effectively, especially the older generation. It’s also challenging for people to get access to the devices they need to use, particularly if they do not own anything themselves.

What really helped me was that The Green Man is a relaxed and welcoming place, where you can get help and learn. They have equipment at The Green Man that you can use and often different opportunities that you can sign up for. I hear that there is a course starting in October which will provide laptops for those taking part.

The great thing is that you feel you can even invest back as a volunteer passing on your skills in return.

Amy invited me to join the Phoenix Academy and take the level one award in social housing, recognised by the Chartered Institute of Housing. I consider myself lucky to have been given the opportunity to achieve my certificate – and make John proud to be my mentor. I am now going on to study for the level 2 qualification.

The course has given me a great understanding of Phoenix and its resident-led model and I appreciate how important it is to become involved in how it’s run. I’m looking for an opportunity that suits my skills to become an involved resident as soon as I can.